What is death ?

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Human death which we use to see is only an incomplete death. Even after people have died, they remain alive with incomplete consciousness of illusion; and to get away from that state of ignorance, they keep coming in contact to ask for help from their children, relatives, friends or other related persons. That is why people keep having experiences of contact with the dead in their own ways. There are some descriptions about these here.

There is no tradition for doctors to give instructions as to what to do with the dead body and there is no tradition to ask the doctors either. All the peoples are free to conduct rites according to their own cultures. After death, the dead person’s rights are legally handed over. There is a legal provision and procedure to hand over the dead person’s property to the entitled persons. Neither the doctors nor the law has authoritatively given any suggestions to do something more for the dead person, to protect his rights or to set aside some part of his property for him, to give the dead food  to eat, water to drink and cloths for bed. The remembrance of the dead is the relation of every living person with the dead person. It is not same or equal for every (dead)  person. Some of the dead will be forgotten early while others will be remembered for many many days. What transpires clearly from these facts is that science, doctors and law have asserted this that after a person’s death, his existence and rights are finished. But for every dead person in every culture some rites are still performed. These rites differ according to cultures. But certain things  from all cultures come to match with one another. There is a tradition of providing food to eat, cloths to wear and showing some feelings to the dead in every culture. Some have invited the dead while others have tried to keep them aloof. What these traditions have tried to imply is that the dead persons are still alive in some state. That is why efforts are being made to fulfill the desires and wants of the dead; and also to instruct them. But while performing these rites, I have seen these rites performed in a dilemma with no certainty of belief or no belief in the rites. Nobody has been able show that these rituals are evidently true and right while no one has demonstrated the courage to deny them either. Even the great rationalists of science melt down from their scientific standpoint as they come towards the end of their lives; and although only it maybe in the name of culture, they have been found making arrangements for budget for all the rites of eating and wearing after death. The rites performed by the doctors and givers of science go hand in hand with others and nobody have complained. But I do not agree to it. I am a student of science; and studying science, I turned into a materialist but the professors who write science books, the teachers who teach science and doctors, all are asking to keep offering of water and food stuff for them after their death. The givers of science and the doctors who have worked as materialists and have taught others to do the same all their life become spiritual at the time of their death. Not just one do this sort type work but all do the same. This is hypocrisy. This is a great treachery for science, for the students of science, for one’s own relations and lastly for oneself too. About man’s most dear and most important things such as life and death, there should not be lying, playing jokes and letting down. In this regard, what is the truth about death? Why do people fear the word ‘death’? Along with death, many other relevant things have been discussed here.          ⇐Return to Home page  


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