Shyam Thapa’s Third Eye and conversation with Lord Shiva

Shyam Thapa’s Third Eye and conversation with Lord Shiva

Mr Shyam Thapa’s Pitri (late Ralatives) are being sent to the Brahma with the help of his neighborhood Ma’m Sushma Dhakal’s third eye.



The unknown diseases that have not been considered

The ‘Anatomy and Physiology of Human Body’ as described in modern science and medical science has been extracted from the books that are based on incomplete study and research. Modern science and medical science has not been able to give accurate and complete description of the composition of human body, its functions, symptoms, diseases and methods of treatment. On the one hand, the descriptions of science were incomplete and on the other hand, the doctors who treated these patients had little time in their hurry and their attention did not go to these problems and symptoms.

This is a dangerous situation for the patient and the patient’s family members around him or her. This leads to death.

It is hoped that in the coming days, the attention of science, medical science and the doctors who treat patients will go towards this problem; and the patients will be able to get appropriate treatment.

On 29 Nov 2016

Experience of Sadashiva by Shyam Thapa.


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