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Brahmagyan: Nectar from Connection and Struggle with Fear and Death by Peeping to the Death

                                      Writer: Dr. Kamal Man Shrestha                                Writer: Dr. Indu Shrestha


(Only some of contents are translated yet. Other more translated pages will be available soon.) 


          Lesson 1.1 A brief introduction to the book and web site ⇒Click Here
          Lesson 1.2 Precaution                                                 ⇒Click Here
         Lesson 1.3 Who can read this book and who can’t ?       ⇒Click Here
          Lesson 1.4 Request from Authors                            ⇒Click Here
          Lesson 1.5 How did the book came into light ?                   ⇒Click Here
          Lesson 1.6 Importance of this book and its challenges     ⇒Click Here
          Lesson 1.7 The meaning of the Vedas                                   ⇒Click Here
          Lesson 1.8 Thankful                                                                          ⇒Click Here
LESSON 2.SCIENCE PART (in Brief)                                                     ⇒Click Here


       Lesson 3.1 Anatomy of human body                          ⇒Click Here
       Lesson 3.2 Human’s incomplete Death                         ⇒Click Here
      Lesson 3.3 Brief introduction of Brahma               ⇒Click Here
     Lesson 3.4 Origin of life or Atma                              ⇒Click here
    Lesson 3.5 The Further Evolution of the First Life                  ⇒Click Here
    Lesson 3.6 Origin of Casual body                              ⇒Click Here
    Lesson 3.7 Detail of human’s three bodies            

              Lesson 3.7.1 Soul body(Atma sharir) in details    ⇒Click Here

             Lesson 3.7.2 Material body     in details                ⇒Click Here

             Lesson 3.7.3 Casual body    in details                     ⇒Click Here

  Lesson 3.8 Anatomy and Physiology of Casual body in details 

             Lesson 3.8.1 Contact after death            ⇒Click Here

             Lesson 3.8.2 Connection and struggle with Casual body during my  research    ⇒Click Here

            Lesson 3.8.3 Rebirth or Reincarnation ⇒Click Here

           Lesson 3.8.4 Anatomy and Physiology of layers of Casual body        ⇒Click Here

            Lesson 3.8.5  Place where casual body is situated in human’s material body ⇒Click Here

            Lesson 3.8.6 Reason of relation between Material and Casual body                    ⇒Click Here

            Lesson 3.8.7 Obstacle in relation between Material and Casual bodies              ⇒Click Here

            Lesson 3.8.8 Human’s complete Death       ⇒Click Here

  Lesson 3.9 Material and Mental Lives of universe   ⇒Click Here
  Lesson 3.10 Third Eye

         Lesson 3.10.1 Human’s Third Eye  ⇒Click Here

        Lesson 3.10.2 People with Third Eyes and experience of Brahma and Sadashiva ⇒Click Here

        Lesson 3.10.3 Fear and terror of the third eye                   ⇒ Click here

         lesson 3.10.4 Organs that give the experience of the third eye   ⇒Click Here

         lesson 3.10.5  Dream: The gland of the third eye of man  ⇒ Click Here

         lesson 3.10.6 Sense organs for work :The third eye is a working organs ⇒ Click Here

         Lesson 3.10.7 The desire and education of the third eye                ⇒ Click Here

पाठ ४  प्रकाशित प्रत्यक्ष सचित्रहरु (भिडियोहरु )तथा अनुभवहरू खण्ड


                    Lession 4.1 Documentary Video of experience of Human’s Third Eye  ⇒Click Here

                    Lession 4.2 Experiences of Brahmagyanies ⇒ Click Here 


Lesson 5.1 The Dialogue between Ram and Laxman   Click Here                           

Lesson 5.2 Bidur’s Admiration (Niti)                                             Click Here

Lesson 5.3 Some verses of the Vedas scripture ( in short)           Click Here        

Lesson 5.4 Some verses from the Vedas scriptures, their meanings and Author’s experiences             Click Here 

Lesson 5.5 Important Sermons            Click Here    


Lesson 6.1 What is Brahma ? 

                   Lesson 6.1.1 Searching for Brahm    Click Here    

                   Lesson 6.1.2 Introduction of Brahm    Click Here  

                   Lesson 6.1.3 Experiences of Brahm  Click Here  

                  Lesson 6.1.4 Importance of Brahm    Click Here  

                  Lesson 6.1.5 Importance of Knowledge of Death  Click Here  

                  Lesson 6.1.6 Gayetri and Sabitri    Click Here  

                  Lesson 6.1.7 What is the reality of Death ?   ⇒Click Here  

LESSON 7. Social Sections                

                            Lesson 7 Why is Christianization in Nepali society?   ⇒ यहाँ जानुस

पाठ ८. अन्य ठाउँमा प्रकाशित अनुभव तथा लेखहरू खण्ड

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This e book  is under development. The other parts of the book will be gradually published and translated.

Some introduction about book and site

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