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Do not read this book if you are someone who has come by this book unknowingly, by chance, by coincidence or by mistake. This book contains the discussions on the issues about : What is the Universe ? What is life ? What is death ? and What is the third eye ? The discussions and ideas mentioned in this book are tremendously important issues for man. The things mentioned in this book are extremely difficult to understand in the beginning. Certainly, the things about which science, religion, culture and intellectuals of the society have not been able to understand up to now are bound to be arduous. It is quite possible not to be able to understand the importance of even the extremely necessary things when one is not mentally prepared for them. This is not a subject which is to be seen or read like something one does with images or news of other things that appear while surfing the internet leisurely. Nor is it a subject such as one reaches for and reads in order to pass time from a book or newspaper that is lying nearby. The decision to read this book must  come from the recommendations of one’s acquaintances, from hearing the discussions about the book and from one’s desire to understand about this subject. This is a book which is to be read again and again, quite attentively with desire and diligence by such inquisitive readers. It is better not to hear about the things mentioned in this book at all or alternatively, one should hear or read and understand completely. There is a saying in Nepali about a difficult situation in which the dog is neither to home nor to ghat ( bank of the river where ferry is available). In the same way, if a man gets to know only a little about this subject by hearing or reading; then, it is not the dog but the man who ends up in that dire situation. We, the authors of this book, also had been forced like that for many years to live a life of belonging to nowhere.

After reading this book, a transformation in the readers life will occur. The reader will never be able to return to the life he or she lived prior to reading this book. Every man’s life after reading the book and the life before reading the book will not be the same. We hope, you will understand the reality and will receive the most needed elixir for your life; and we welcome you to the next pages with this desire and belief that you will succeed in making yourself, your family members and the people around you joyous.

The subject of this book will bring a great turmoil in the reader’s life. This book can put the reader in various troublesome situations if his or her mind is not made up to face the turmoil or if it is not willing to accept new transformations. But, I would like to suggest to  all those people who want to understand the most important things of life before their death for mustering all their courage to read this book.

There does not seem to be a way that one can understand totally, the things mentioned in this book  at one go all by themselves by trying to analyze and interpret it as there is no such probability to understand completely in that way. The authors appeal to you from their hearts not to be boastful that you have understood everything by reading the book once or twice or by reading a few pages in the beginning.

It becomes a little more facilitating to understand for those who are taking advice from experienced readers who have been reading this book for over 3 months and who have come to grasp some sense of it. What we mean by giving this advice is that every new reader may not waste time in grasping the right sense of the book or may have an opportunity to avail instructions and advice at the time of difficulty from experienced people. I am sure every new reader will have the need of advice more often than not from experienced readers who have been reading the book.

If said in brief, reading this book is as dangerous as going at the fire, or  playing with the nest of ants or honey bees. It is probable that people who do that may get burnt or stung.  In the same way, because of this book, various states of fear and anxiety will probably appear; sometimes, physical pain, injuries may happen to one; and such pain and symptoms can be seen in family members as well. That is why the authors appeal to always have necessary precautions.

If one is able grasp the sense of the things in this book on time, it is an elixir for man; and if not understood on time, it can be equal to poison.

The things mentioned in this book are true. We, the authors, are trying our best to bring this truth to the people and the society and this effort of ours will always continue. How much the reader will be able to grasp will, of course, depend on the reader himself. Readers with little desire to understand and readers with prejudices will surely find it hard to get on with understanding.

In order to facilitate understanding, the book has been divided into parts.

  1. Short Part – In this part, important facts have been kept. This part has to be read every day.
  2. Detailed Part – In this part, the important facts have been explained with additional information and examples; effects of those facts, their importance and challenges have been clearly mentioned.
  3. Some parts can be downloaded.
The Authors Appeal

The issues are rather sensitive. These are the background knowledge necessary to explain accurately about the events that happen at each and every step of life. No reader who reads this book should stop reading prior to understanding completely. Once you start reading this book, you should set aside some hours each day to read the chapters and try to understand. It is good to read repeatedly and try to understand. This is such an issue which either you never touch and know anything about it or you should know completely and have complete knowledge of it. Because of ‘ a little knowledge’, one gets entangled in it and there appears the probability of pain, sorrow and difficulties. Up to now, no single book with so much knowledge about life had made its appearance. Due to the lack of this knowledge, the author had to go through immense suffering. To collect all this, he had to wander all over and take risks. The author had to spend nearly 30 years of his student life and higher educational life to bring the book into its form. But, today, through this book, it has been possible to avail all that knowledge within a couple of weeks for others. Only thing needed for the reader is to study and contemplate on it. If you do not have a desire to study this book deeply and contemplatively; if no questions have ever occurred to you to know about the mysteries of life, the Universe, pitri (dead ancestors), ghosts, spirits, gods and goddesses and the truth about their existence; and if no incidents and discussions about invisible entities giving trouble to members of your family, relatives and neighbors  have been heard; you may not as well need to read this book.

But if you are surrounded by questions like : What is life? What is death? What is the Universe? What are religions and culture and are they right or wrong?, and if you are looking for their answers and are ready to read attentively in case a book is available, then, you will get radical answers for your questions in this book.

Although science rejects the ideas of religion and culture, when maturity and old age start to set in, people tend to listen, understand and discuss about religion and culture and in addition, topics such as soul, paramatma (the greater soul), and at times, the Brahmagyan (cosmic knowldge) also come up. But I have never actually met any layman or relgious guru who has the capacity to understand and explain about soul, the greater soul and the Brahma. Almost every religious guru seems to have only one thing that the culture he follows is the only one that is right. In this book, the descriptions of the same soul, the greater soul and the Brahma have been given to understand a bit more clearly.

Traditionally, it is thought in the society that people who attain full knowledge of soul, the greater soul and the Brahma renounce their families and households to become yogis. In this book also there are discussions and things of knowledge about soul, the greater soul and the Brahma; and people may suspect that it is also a religious learning and a learning which can lead people to renounce their families. In some cases, it has happened too. Due to interest in religion and culture, many people who go to ashrams and follow gurus in search of soul, the greater soul and the Brahma, sometimes find little time for marriage and some married ones have even driven their wives away from homes. But some yogis we see in the society did not become so in search soul, the greater soul and the Brahma but because of some compulsion. There is a saying in which one says, ‘ I became a yogi due to fear of work and my starvation started the very next day of becoming the yogi.’ With such grand knowledge of soul, the greater soul and the Brahma, when a wise man has no footing, what can be the reason except ‘ a little knowledge’ ? A wise man is always respected in the society. To leave homes with the knowledge of soul, the greater soul and the Brahma is a wrong idea and certainly out of ‘a little knowledge’. If incidents like these have occurred somewhere, certainly, the method is not right. The mistake must have occurred  with the teacher and the student due to lack of complete knowledge. People in robes of yogis who say that they have the knowledge of soul, the greater soul and the Brahma and who roam asking for alms around the temples and houses are the ignorant disciples of equally ignorant gurus.

This book is not a kind of a book which by mistake reaches into the hands of an amateur reader of short stories, poems, novels etc for pleasure and he says, ‘Let’s read it anyway.’ This is the kind of a book to be read by people who want to read word by word, line by line, lesson by lesson, repeating, turning back, inquisitively, smelling, tasting, feeling again and again to study with a view to find something. This book cannot be just finished in a day or a couple of days to have its implicit sense. Lessons have to be read every day and contemplated upon. After a couple of days’ experience, it has to be repeated a couple of times again. After reading a couple of times in this manner, the meanings the book means to say will begin to become clear. There are descriptions of the writer’s or other patients’ experiences and contacts with invisible entities in it. As a result of discussions of such lessons, one may experience various sensations in their bodies. I want to caution the readers here. In the beginning, the more a reader is attentive to reading, the more such sensations will occur. As the reader gains more and more understanding, such sensations will disappear. If the reader fails to understand the meanings of these sensations, various difficulties, problems and illnesses may appear. These symptoms may be seen in the reader, his family members and the people around him too. Now the question may arise if it won’t be a good idea not to have this knowledge of this book if there is such a risk. The reader has a choice to make here. That’s why, as the writer of this book I would like to caution the readers. Because of not understanding the meaning of life, people are trapped in the darkness of dilemma and in order to overcome that darkness, one should have some tolerance and courage to overcome some difficulties and a capacity to understand the sense of this book and to learn to come out of the darkness and difficulties. Only after that, the reader will be successful in understanding and realizing the mysteries of the Universe, creatures and life. The author has added various ways and methods in this book so as to enable the reader to overcome these difficulties.

The Scripture Part: In these lessons, the author’s last stage happenings have been mentioned and the way outs of such suffering have been included. The author requests the readers to study the pages of the scripture part deeply instead of leaving in the middle after reading regularly for some days in their course of studying. If they do so, the readers will not only have the experience of invisible entities but also the methods of protecting themselves from those entities. The author’s aim is to caution the reader about it.

While we are discussing about cautions, there is no need to be afraid. There is a way out for every fear and anxiety. A clever person should know to caution in time. We are helpless. Some fears will of course show up because we are going to touch the unknown pages of life. This book is going to describe the unknown and invisible world of the Universe and in these descriptions, there are questions like what is man’s actual meaning and composition, who the gods and goddesses are and who the ghosts, spirits and pitri are. In our lives, whether we want it or we don’t, whether knowingly or unknowingly, all the entities mentioned above are in contact with us and our health, financial and social situations are impacted by them. All these things about these mysteries have been described here with evidence to be understood in a modern and scientific way. After understanding the sense of the book on reading it totally again and again with contemplation, the fears and other symptoms will disappear or become less. The symptoms continue, if the reader has not read the lessons attentively or the sense has not opened up completely. In this book, the mentions have been made about ghosts, spirits, pitri, gods and goddesses; and they, actually, exist in the Universe and in the course of reading this book, they will try to show their presence. The aim of this book is to enable the readers to feel the subtle contacts so that they can have more information about the invisible entities and can be more cautious in life and be free from such threats in future.

This book can transform a man from the state of ‘asur’ to that of ‘sur’. If the reader does not read the book properly and discontinues in the middle, he may remain in the state of contact with the invisible entities; there may be probability of suffering from various things; and because of not reading completely to the end, the protective measures and the knowledge of  their importance mentioned in the latter part of the book may be missed; and this can be harmful for the reader as well for the people around him.

In the course of reading and understanding the book and feeling the touches, there will be contacts with various unknown invisible entities and there may be a situation from which the reader may not be able to get out. That is why, the reader should keep his family members, friends and relations informed about this book reading. In the course of studying the book, along with various touches, if temporary mental changes like symptoms of depression, picking quarrels for trifles, irritations, feelings of various physical pains etc continue for a longer period, members of the family, relatives, friends etc may have to provide help from outside. The reader should not be left alone, a friendly atmosphere should be provided and an opportunity to read the book to understand the sense has to be given to him. If nothing of that sort is possible, I would like to request to contact the author. Because the author has also undergone these experiences of suffering and has had more experience and knows some way outs, he can evaluate the situation and may provide necessary help. This book is not a threat in itself. What we have done is that with the help of this book, we have started to see, understand and touch the unknown and invisible. The contact with those threats may have been established prior to this, but the real cause of this was not known to man or may be the invisible entities were coming less in contact and inflicting less pain and now that we have started studying and discussing about this issue, they have become more excited. It is like as if a man with some bad intent or idea exploits us by posing as an acquaintance while hiding his bad intent. Every day, he comes and talks harmoniously and gives company but while leaving makes off with something secretly. He is misusing our means and he is cheating. If someday, knowing the intent of the person, we bar his entrance into our house, seeing the closed house, he will knock the doors and windows, try to break open them to get inside by all means. But if we say to him specifically,’ On so and so day, you came to our house and stole such and such thing and now we know it well. From now, don’t come to our house.’, first, he will deny, then insist on being right about his denial and even may go further to call bad names. But if we tell him to stop shouting and go; and also point out that a police officer or someone who catches and punishes the thieves is around in the house, he will leave in fear reluctantly. In the same manner, the invisible entities whom we try to identify and get rid of, deny first, show reluctance to leave us while we try not to go with them and they become even more aggressive. That is why, when we get an indication of invisible entities inflicting pain on us, immediately, we should take the names, pray and worship our household gods and goddesses who, according to the stories in the legends had killed the demons. You should keep repeating those names often at other times so that the names can get uttered while you are in danger.

The names and praises of gods and goddesses will vary from person to person according to their religion and culture. Hindus have the names of gods and goddesses according to Hindu culture, Muslims have the names of gods and goddesses according their culture, and in the same way, Buddhists, Christians or any other culture have the names of their gods or gurus according to their cultures. When in danger, they should utter their names. It is true that I, the author, cannot say it for sure as to how the gods and goddesses from different religions and culture will come and protect you but surely, there is no harm in trying to ask for help from them. The names which the author of this book knows for sure are Hanumanji, Ganeshji, Mother Durga, Vishnuji, Ramji, Krishnaji, Shivaji etc. The names of these gods and goddesses are mentioned in the scriptures. These gods and goddesses have the knowledge of the Brahma. The author has recognized the power, effect and result of these names when he had been in deep trouble. If there is an intimation of threat, these names should be repeated as long as the threat is not gone. There was a time, when the author placed no importance whatsoever to these names although he had heard and read about them. For the author, these names were nothing more than the characters of some imaginary story or just some ordinary letters of the alphabet. Today also, their importance for other non-believers may be as much as mine was. But what I am going to say now is that it is not so. These names are the names with complete meaning, sense and power. This book clarifies this thing. To get these names spontaneously uttered from the mouth at the time of threat, you should repeat them everyday at least during the days of reading the book. The above mentioned names of Brahmic gods and goddesses such as Hanuman, Ganesh, Mother Durga, Vishnu, Ram, Krishna, Shivaji etc can be taken by persons of any other religions and cultures too. There is no need of knowing any procedure,  no need of taking permission from anyone, no need of forsaking or belittling one’s own religion or culture to utter these names. These names do not belong to only any one particular religion or culture and they are not the private property of any particular religion or culture. After reading the book, the reader will come to know this. The author has only tried to explain about the way out of from suffering and threats that may appear. The author has no intention of preaching any religion or culture whatsoever. The author himself is not tied to any particular religion. There are gods, goddesses, pitri, ghosts, spirits or many other invisible entities and they are in all the religions and cultures of all countries. The author had the opportunity to see, touch and have contact with them directly. But this is a very difficult and dangerous subject which cannot be avoided from understanding. In spite of undergoing harsh suffering and pain, the author has collected various ways and methods, thinking that the followers will be able to understand, read, touch, see and have contact with those invisible entities. It is an effort to share those methods and means to others.

If the readers become able to understand the sense of the book, they will become the knowers of the Brahma and later, become Brahmagyanis too. But, to be such Brahamagyanis, there is no need to be a disciple of some guru, or go to an ashram or to follow any culture. The Brahmagyan or the experience of a Brahmagyani can be had through study and practice. We believe that every committed and diligent reader will have the evidence of their becoming Brahmagyani from their own experience. This site has a lot of evidences of many readers who have become Brahmagyanis and are living blissful and happy lives.

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