Swostika Malla’s unhealthy Third eye

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Unknown diseases that have not been considered

Her mother had informed us that Swastika Malla had been ill for a couple of days. A couple of days ago, while walking along the road with her mother, she would talk to herself or pick a quarrel with her mother. A little later, when mother asked her why she quarreled, she said that she did not remember anything. According to the mother, such incidents had recurred many times by then. These days her habit has been different and she quarrels a lot. On the day this video was recorded, she had been quarrelling with her mother since morning and while the mother tried to bring her to the class, she had shown considerable reluctance.At last, she came after she had made her mother promise not to say anything after coming here. In the classroom, when the mother came to the front to talk with the doctor, she began to cry in her seat. I called her to come near me. She did not want to come. I sent the mother to bring her and the mother insisted her on coming and she finally came. While talking with the daughter, she said she had pain in the back of her neck and in both legs and began to cry. A couple days ago, due to leg pain as on today, she had to be lifted onto the bike by others.

These kinds of symptoms are actually seen everywhere in our society but due to ignorance and lack of accurate identification, information and remedy, these have not been found described in modern civilization. Up to this day, these types of symptoms have been named as mental diseases in the medical science by comparing with other diseases.

The reason behind this is that anatomy and physiology of human body as described in modern science and medical science has been extracted from books based on incomplete study and research. Modern science and medical science has not been able to give accurate and complete description of the composition of human body, its functions, symptoms, diseases and methods of treatment. On the one hand, the descriptions of science were incomplete and on the other hand, the doctors who treated these patients had little time in their hurry and their attention did not go to these problems and symptoms.

This is a dangerous situation for the patient and family members around him or her. This leads towards death.

It is hoped that in the coming days, the attention of science, medical science and the doctors who treat patients will go towards this problem and the patients will be able to get appropriate treatment.

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