Third Eye

Every people has got Third Eye

Although science and scientists deny the existence of the third eye, the number of the people who talk about it has not decreased. I thought people in the undeveloped countries may have believed in such things being conservative; but there are people in the developed countries as well, people who discuss in a more developed manner about these things. Medical science has called these things false. But one is compelled to believe in certain things which have proof and meanings.

The Unhealthy Third Eye of Man

There is no authenticated proof of the existence of the third eye in the human civilization till now. But there are people who are suffering from diseases with symptoms of these. This state of the third eye is both a weakness and also an achievement for man. Through this third eye, one receives messages of some sort. But doctors are naming this state to be a disease and are trying to treat it without getting to the root of it.

The Healthy Third Eye of Man

Every human being has a third eye. And the third eye is found to be inactive or unhealthy. With a healthy third eye, man can see gods, goddesses, ghosts, spirits, pitri (dead ancestors) and many other invisible entities.

The Proper Utility of the Third Eye

Although it is an arduous task to activate the third eye from its  dormant or hidden state to a seeing state or to change it from its unhealthy state into a healthy state, it is quite possible. People with healthy third eyes can experience all the things mentioned in the Vedas. Such persons can talk with their pitri (dead ancestors), ghosts, spirits and also with gods and goddesses. They can talk with Shiva, Mother Durga, Ganesh, Hanuman and other forms mentioned in the Vedas. There have been many people who visit the temple of Mother Durga, see her personally, have her blessings and come home. One can see devotees every day talking to God around Pokhara at temples of Bhadrakali, Bindhyabasini, Tal Barahi, Radhakrishna, Ramsita, Shivaji, Ganeshji, Hanumanji etc.

The Evidence that the Third Eye Exists

This is a new thought and a new thing;  so it is only natual not to want to believe it. But we have come forward to talk about these things with evidence. The third eye, in the beginning, is in an unhealthy state because the person does not understand the nature, source and meaning of the messages he gets through it. In the beginning, the interpretations of the messages he makes go wrong. That is why the people with active third eyes live a terribly painful life. But the third eye can be cured and made healthy. We, the writers, have studied, seen and tested the nature of the third eye for days on and have found out a way out. With the third eye, we can converse with the gods and goddesses, have experience of the Brahma and have the real life experience of Sadashiva or kaivalya mukti (liberation). Some people who have had lessons from us, the two writers, have already experienced the third eye, the Brahma and Sadashiva. The nominal roll of those persons has been given below. You can have enquiries for information from them in a polite manner at their convenience, using different available methods.

According to the level of knowledge of the third eye and its state of health, experinces of various levels can be had. One can talk with Shivaji, Mother Durga, various forms of Mother Durga, Ganeshji, Hanumanji, Radha and Krishnaji, Rama and Sitaji etc. We have been giving suggestions and consultation as to how to personally have talks with them.

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