Sushma Bhandari’s Unhealthy Third Eye. Contact with her Late Grand Mothers

Sushma Bhandari’s Unhealthy Third Eye. Contact with her Late Grand Mothers

The unknown diseases that have not been considered

These symptoms are usually found everywhere in the society but due to ignorance, exact identification, information and methods of these diseases have not been found in the modern human civilization. Symptoms like these have been named as mental diseases by comparing them with other diseases even in today’s medical science.

The cause of all this is the conclusion of incomplete study and research books on Anatomy and Physiology of Human Body described by today’s science and medical science. All the up to date science and medical science has not been able to give the exact description of the constitution of the human life, its functions, symptoms, diseases and treatment methods. On the one hand, the descriptions given by science were incomplete and on the other hand, the attention of the doctors engaged in medical checkup of these patients remained inadequate toward the problem and the symptoms, probably due to lack of time.

This is a dangerous situation for these patients and their relations. This leads towards death.

The name of the patient: Ms Sushma Bhandari,

Address : Naudada, Dhikur Pokhari VDC, Kaski District, Gandaki Zone, Nepal.

The complete knowledge of a person’s life events, diseases and symptoms are unknown to science and medical science. An example of such a patient is the main character of this video. As the story goes, she used to have a throat pain from many years. Even though, she used to take medicines often very regularly, the disease was not cured and this time too, as the pain aggravated, she went to have a checkup at Manipal Teaching Hospital in Pokhara. The concerned doctor diagnosed it, after examining, as tonsilitis and prescribed a surgical operation which according to him had to have been done on that very same day. But as the patient was all by herself and she did not have enough money either, she returned home saying that she would have a talk about it with her family members. On the very same day, she arrived at our office for consultation. When we tried to examine her in accordance with our new logic, it was found that her third eye had been active; and her grandmother, who had been dead these last 15 years by then, began to speak through her. That day also she was complaining about her throat pain. After talking to her for a while, we sent her away. The following day when she arrived at Manipal Hospital with money for the operation, the doctor, after re-examination, said there was no need of an operation and giving her some medicine to be taken orally, she had been returned. In this video, the same grandmother has entered into the grand daughter’s body and is speaking. I request you to try to understand this.


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