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Brahmagyan: Nectar from Connection and Struggle with Fear and Death by Peeping to the Death

                                      Writer: Dr. Kamal Man Shrestha                                Writer: Dr. Indu Shrestha


(Only some of contents are translated yet. Other more translated pages will be available soon.) 


          Lesson 1.1 Precaution                                                 ⇒Click Here
         Lesson 1.2 Who can read this book and who can’t ?       ⇒Click Here
          Lesson 1.3 Request from Authors                            ⇒Click Here
          Lesson 1.4 How did the book came into light ?                   ⇒Click Here
          Lesson 1.5 Importance of this book and its challenges     ⇒Click Here
          Lesson 1.6 The meaning of the Vedas                                   ⇒Click Here
          Lesson 1.7 Thankful                                                                          ⇒Click Here
LESSON 2.SCIENCE PART (in Brief)                                                     ⇒Click Here

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LESSON 3. SCIENCE PART (These pages are available only for membership)

        Lesson 3.1 Anatomy of human body                          ⇒Click Here
       Lesson 3.2 Human’s incomplete Death                         ⇒Click Here
      Lesson 3.3 Brief introduction of Brahma               ⇒Click Here
     Lesson 3.4 Origin of life or Atma                              ⇒Click here
    Lesson 3.5 The Further Evolution of the First Life                  ⇒Click Here
    Lesson 3.6 Origin of Casual body                              ⇒Click Here
    Lesson 3.7 Detail of human’s three bodies            

              Lesson 3.7.1 Soul body(Atma sharir) in details    ⇒Click Here

             Lesson 3.7.2 Material body     in details                ⇒Click Here

             Lesson 3.7.3 Casual body    in details                     ⇒Click Here

  Lesson 3.8 Anatomy and Physiology of Casual body in details 

             Lesson 3.8.1 Contact after death            ⇒Click Here

             Lesson 3.8.2 Connection and struggle with Casual body during my  research                       ⇒Click Here

            Lesson 3.8.3 Rebirth or Reincarnation ⇒Click Here

           Lesson 3.8.4 Anatomy and Physiology of layers of Casual body        ⇒Click Here

            Lesson 3.8.5  Place where casual body is situated in human’s material body ⇒Click Here

            Lesson 3.8.6 Reason of relation between Material and Casual body                    ⇒Click Here

            Lesson 3.8.7 Obstacle in relation between Material and Casual bodies              ⇒Click Here

            Lesson 3.8.8 Human’s complete Death       ⇒Click Here

  Lesson 3.9 Material and Mental Lives of universe   ⇒Click Here
  Lesson 3.10 Third Eye

         Lesson 3.10.1 Human’s Third Eye  ⇒Click Here

        Lesson 3.10.2 People with Third Eyes and experience of Brahma and Sadashiva ⇒Click Here


                    Lession 4.1 Documentary Video of experience of Human’s Third Eye  ⇒Click Here

                    Lession 4.2 Experiences of Brahmagyanies ⇒ Click Here 


Lesson 5.1 The Dialogue between Ram and Laxman   Click Here                           

Lesson 5.2 Bidur’s Admiration (Niti)                                             Click Here

Lesson 5.3 Some verses of the Vedas scripture ( in short)           Click Here             

LESSON 6. Some verses from the Vedas scriptures, their meanings and Author’s experiences      Click Here       

LESSON 7. IMPORTANT sermon                CLICK HERE

This e book  is under development. The other parts of the book will be gradually published and translated.

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